Top 10 Remote Online Notarization Benefits:

  1. Convenience: RON (Remote Online Notarization) removes the struggle to find a notary, schedule an appointment, and collect piles of documents. The traditional process of meeting a notary in person is over. RON is an online appointment at a time that suits your needs. Whether buying a home, signing insurance policies, or executing legal documents, RON powers a digital process that is flexible and fast.
  2. Safety:  RON is safe and secure. Also, all information and documents are safe from third parties. DLA Piper, a legal advisor to the Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA), reviewed and endorsed eNotaryLog. Also, eNotaryLog is the first MISMO-certified RON platform and has completed an updated SOC 2 compliance audit certification.
  3. Security: eNotaryLog deploys knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and Credential Analysis. These critical processes help validate the signer’s identification by using an image of the signer’s ID. The methods also use knowledge-based questions for identification.
  4. Affordable: Remote online notarization saves money. For example, with eNotaryLog, there is no fee to adopt or use the platform.
  5. Execution: Paper-based processes often are marred with error. It is also even easier to miss a signature. However, with remote online notarization, fields with incorrect information are immediately flagged or highlighted. For example, a traditional notary signing agent might help a lender process 200 or more pages, and the risk of missing a signature may be significant. eNotaryLog proactively corrects errors to avoid delay.
  6. Customizable: eNotaryLog has custom solutions for everyone – individuals and small businesses. In short – we meet your notary needs quickly and efficiently anytime, anywhere.
  7.  Trusted: eNotaryLog is trusted and used by many well-known clients. These clients include First American Title Insurance Company, Mortgage Bank Association, National Notary Association, the Wisconsin State Bar, and the International Legal Technology Association, to name a few.
  8. Mobile friendly: eNotaryLog continues to simplify remote online notarization without a new mobile app. You enjoy the ease and convenience of our online platform on your iOS or Android mobile device. Additionally, signers can be anywhere to execute a document. You can upload documents on your phone or scan them with your camera to begin the notarization process. Overall, your digital files are at your fingertips with the same security and tamper-evident technology as eNotaryLog’s desktop platform.
  9. U.S. citizenship: Notaries can even perform notarial acts involving foreign citizens. Also, you don’t have to be a citizen of the United States for notarization guidance. And the excellent news is that eNotaryLog can notarize all! As a remote online notarization platform, our service serves, supports, and delivers for consumers and businesses.
  10. Available in any state: If you are a signer, you may reside in any state to use our platform. Even if you live where remote online notarization has yet to be enacted, you can get a document notarized online if the notary is in a state where RON is valid. Also, no travel is necessary. Interstate recognition is the promise that states make to each other to legally honor documented transactions and official notarial acts performed by the originating state’s laws.

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