There Are So Many Advantages to Using RON:

  1. Sustainability: The sustainability benefits of remote online notarization (RON) are significant. If every home purchase transaction were processed digitally, there could be a substantial reduction in the more than 2 billion sheets of paper as part of the home buying process alone. 
  2.  Efficiency: While processing transactions with RON, notaries don’t need to travel and thus can certify more documents faster. Additionally, fewer errors shorten processing time. 
  3. Streamlined workflow: eNotaryLog offers electronic journals, scheduling tools, and tagging templates to streamline the RON workflow. Our all-in-one platform improves the overall experience for notaries and their clients. 
  4.  Convenience: RON provides an obvious convenience for the consumer, but notaries also reap convenience benefits. Notary work no longer requires commuting time, logging miles, and calculating traveling expenses. Now, all notaries do is log into the eNotaryLog platform on their computer, greet their clients over video conferencing, and complete the notarial transaction.
  5. Security: Innovative technology often generates questions and concerns about security. However, RON is safe and secure, and information and documents are safe from third parties. And, leading global law firm and fintech advisor DLA Piper reviewed and endorsed the eNotaryLog platform. DLA Piper is not only a premier legal advisor to the Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA), and they also collaborate with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) on remote online notarization (RON) laws. Receiving the endorsement by DLA Piper is a testament to eNotaryLog’s credibility in digital documentation. eNotaryLog is also the first MISMO-certified RON platform and has completed the updated SOC 2 compliance audit certification. 
  6.  Reach more clients: According to most state statutes, RON-approved notaries must be located within their commissioning state when completing a notarial act. However, the signer can be anywhere in the world. This means a notary’s potential client base is no longer restricted to one geographic location. Now with RON, notaries reimagine how they will provide notarial services. 
  7. Convenience: With RON, notaries can accommodate out-of-town clients or clients too busy to meet in person without compromising the integrity of the notarial act. The convenience of RON powers notaries to grow their client base. It also generates greater revenue for their business. eNotaryLog provides the easiest and most convenient way to manage digital documents. The platform offers a state-of-the-art dashboard for both eSignatures and remote online notarization. 
  8. Career growth: Being a notary enhances a resume and being RON certified is next level. As more companies adopt remote work environments for employees, businesses in states with RON laws seek notaries who leverage RON. With RON, notaries also spend more time selling and reaching their clients to grow their business exponentially. 
  9. eClosings: The benefits of eClosing with a remote online notary are unlimited. Notaries can help consumers buy or sell a home electronically in a secure digital environment. There are 44 states with permanent RON law on the books for eClosings. eNotaryLog’s RON processes a home purchase/sale transaction on average in as little as 30 minutes. eNotaryLog’s premier RON experience ensures a convenient, custom, and secure solution to streamline eClosings. 
  10. Costs: RON drives a significant reduction in paper, printing, and postage. These savings offset start-up costs associated with becoming a remote online notary. In addition, small business and enterprise corporations take advantage of eNotaryLog’s fee pricing. This includes a one-time setup fee, comprehensive ongoing client success management, RON services, user and session management, unlimited document access, and more! 

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