Introducing eSign Templating

Streamlining Document Preparation for Faster Transactions!

We are excited to announce a new feature release that will revolutionize the way you handle document preparation and increase your operational efficiencies. With Templating eSignatures, our platform now allows account holders to annotate a document once and reuse it multiple times, saving you valuable time and effort.

How does templating work?

With Templating, you can now create templates of frequently used documents and tag placements. These templates can be quickly applied to new documents, eliminating the need to manually tag and prepare documents for eSigning or Notarizations each time. It’s as simple as loading the template onto another document, and you’re ready to go.

Screenshot of eNotaryLog's eSign Template

Key Features and Benefits

Time Savings

  • Imagine the time you can save by avoiding repetitive tasks. With Templating, you no longer need to spend hours tagging and filling out documents for each transaction. Instead, you can quickly apply pre-defined templates, reducing the time spent in the pre-session status.

Streamlined Transaction Creation

  • For transactions that involve sending the same document to multiple signers, Templating streamlines the entire process. You can create multiple transactions in a fraction of the time it used to take, allowing you to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

Increased Operational Efficiencies

  • By minimizing downtime and operational efforts spent on document preparation, our Templating feature empowers you to handle more transactions efficiently. With improved workflows, you can boost productivity and maximize your revenue potential.

eSign Templating graphic - eNotaryLog

The new eSign Templating feature addresses common pain points related to document preparation, ensuring smoother transaction flows for both you and your clients. Say goodbye to manual document tagging and hello to a more efficient and seamless experience.

eSign Templating is a game-changer. By allowing users to create and reuse document templates, we are empowering you to save time, streamline transaction creation, and increase operational efficiencies. This feature is designed to address pain points, making your overall user experience more enjoyable and productive. Embrace the power of Templating today and witness the positive impact it will have on your business.

For more information and to get started, visit integrate for API documentation or reach out to our support team.

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