Here at eNotaryLog, helping notaries shift into a successful Remote Online Notary business is our mission. One of the main focuses of our support team is providing solutions to the prerequisite steps a notary must complete before they can become a practicing Remote Online Notary on any platform. One such obstacle every aspiring Remote Online Notary must overcome is the need for a notary to obtain a Digital Certificate to meet State security and tamper evidence requirements.

Digital Certificate Cost Savings

When it comes to obtaining a Digital Certificate one of the most obvious difficulties a notary will face when starting their online business is cost. As of the end of 2023, most prominent providers of Digital Certificates are offering their most basic level of secure Digital Certificate at a cost more than $70 dollars for a one-year Certificate. Even some of the best Digital Certificate providers discount deals on Digital Certificates can cost more than $60 dollars with a multi-year commitment to their product. This recuring cost can be quite a burden for notaries that are looking to get their business started, and that is why eNotaryLog is committed to providing its customers with a Digital Certificate at nearly half the cost of the leading providers. We currently offer a Digital Certificate that is valid for a year at the low price of $40 making it the best choice for any notary business of any scale. We’re proud to say that even as we provide the best price in the market, the Digital Certificate that we offer is one of the best you can buy.

Security Features of eNotaryLog’s Digital Certificate

One of the main reasons notaries across the country are purchasing our Digital Certificate that we offer is the level of security that our Digital Certificate provides. Our Digital Certificate is an eNotaryLog Certificate Authority issued X.509 v3 Digital Certificate. This means that our Digital Certificate provides significantly advantageous security features over the more common self-signed Certificates provided by other Remote Online Notary vendors. These security features include tamper evidence, non-repudiation, and long-term validation. At the heart of the Remote Online Notarization process is the ability of a notary to sign and seal a completed document and that is exactly what we have built into our Digital Certificate. Tamper evidence will reveal to anyone who views the notarized and sealed document if anyone has made any changes to the document. This feature is largely what allows Remote Online Notarizations to be trusted. Furthermore, non-repudiation secures the validity of a notary’s notarization as our trusted Digital Certificate proves the identity of the notary and authenticity of the sealed document. With long-term validation it will be recorded when the notarized document is sealed that at that time the Digital Certificate was trusted and in good standing allowing future viewers of the document to trust the sealed actions to truly be that of the notarization long into the future.

Advanced Encryption

However, we did not stop there, our Digital Certificate also offers SHA-256 encryption, 2048-bit RSA Keys, and a combination of a Certificate Revocation List and an Online Certificate Status Protocol. The encryption and keys we utilize are considered some of the best digital security available in the world today. While the CRL and OCSP ensure that the Digital Certificate will continue to meet the highest standards of trust from regulating authorities. For the convenience of our customers our Digital Certificate can be used on any operating system as well as any Remote Online Notarization platform that accepts X.509 Digital Certificates. While we certainly would love to have you join our platform and experience everything we have to offer, we still hold to the principle of providing the best product possible for our customers.

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Support Beyond Purchase

Our commitment to our customers does not end once we have delivered our highly effective and affordable Digital Certificate. Our support team helps to personally support the smooth integration of our Digital Certificate into the profiles of many new and practiced online notaries. eNotaryLog provides an in-depth library of documentation on uploading and validating your Digital Certificate and many other topics at This fantastic resource contains documentation, walkthroughs, and even videos on our platform and everything a notary new to Remote Online Notarization would need to know to get started.

Customization for Customer Convenience

Not only will we do everything we can to simplify getting started with our Digital Certificates for our customers, but we will also even adjust our Digital Certificates to serve our customer. This service to accommodate our customers is that we offer to adjust the “go live date” of our Digital Certificates. We do this particularly for new Remote Online Notaries, as gathering all the necessary documents and certifications needed to start performing Remote Online Notarizations can take some time. We here at eNotaryLog want to make sure that none of the one-year valid lifetime of the Digital Certificate is used until our customer is ready to open their business. To take advantage of this service, simply write in what date you would like for the Digital Cert to go live on the request form under special requests and comments. This is just another example of how we look out for our customers and set them up for a successful and profitable business utilizing our platform. To further prove the point, we are happy to adjust this start date to meet the customers’ needs. If they need some more time or are ready ahead of schedule, we will make the necessary adjustments for any yet to be activated Digital Certificates. Our robust support team have all been trained in this process from start to finish and hold proudly to our service level agreement to fulfill a Digital Certificate request within one business day.

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In every field be it a security standpoint, price, or support considerations, we know that eNotaryLog provides the best for any notary looking to add Remote Online Notarization to their business. We look forward to working with you at eNotaryLog, and we all wish you great success from getting started with our Digital Certificate to working with our platform.

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