How does a notary make money?

According to Yahoo Finance, remote online notarization is one of the best side hustles. Thus, launching a notary business is a terrific way to generate income, whether as a side hustle or a primary business. However, understanding all the service areas where notaries can generate revenue is critical to creating a service strategy for delivering notary services. eNotaryLog can help independent notaries navigate the fees vs. income potential to help build a solid foundation RON success.

Remote Online Notarization 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the convenience of remote notarization to everyday transactions. There was a rise in online notary services for individuals who needed to get legally bound documents signed and executed but needed help to execute with an in-person notary.  Not anymore, now notaries can work full or part-time and set a flexible online schedule. Customers sign wherever and whenever. Some notaries earn $10,000 a month, even part-time. And it is realistic to generate much more!

Setting up a RON transaction 

Preparing to conduct a RON session requires several services to ensure the signer’s online transaction is a smooth and seamless experience. Some of these services include: 

  • Confirming signer eligibility to conduct a RON session 
    • Notaries ensure the signer has the correct hardware and internet connectivity to leverage the RON platform appropriately 
    • Providing additional instructions to the signer to help navigate through the platform 
  • Document preparation 
    • Document tagging for signatures, data entry, and elections 
  • Online notarial certificate preparation 
    • Ensuring the notarial certificate contains the legally required language 
    • Adding or correcting the notarial certificate 
  • Scheduling 
    • Setting up and confirming RON appointments with the signer 
  • Witnesses 
    • Providing instructions around witness requirements 
    • Arranging for witnesses, additional signers, or observers to take part in the transaction 
  • Interpreter services 
    • Arranging for interpreter services 

Also, there are other complementary services that notaries may charge for once in the session with the signer.

These include: 

  • Overseeing document completion 
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of data and signatures required by the document 
  • Providing for observer considerations in the session 

Once the session is complete, notaries can still make additional money from the transaction.

Post-session services may include: 

  • Document delivery 
  • Providing the executed documents to additional parties on behalf of the client 
  • Ensuring accuracy in the audit log of the transaction. 
  • Ensuring appropriate functionality and application of digital certificate and document sealing 
  • Providing a method for document retrieval from the platform 
  • Ensuring the document is maintained on the platform 

Other miscellaneous services notaries offer includes: 

  • eSignature capabilities and tools 
  • Apostilles and Authentications 
  • Weekend or after-hours service 
  • Platform or technology fee 
  • Technical assistance 

eNotaryLog and Independent Notaries 

eNotaryLog equips independent notaries with an easy-to-use, feature-rich solution that enables them to conduct RON anytime, anywhere. Customers schedule their RON directly through the eNotaryLog platform. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Check out our eNotaryLog platform and power your RON business today! 

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