eNotaryLog makes remote online notarization simple and fast. Our platform streamlines remote online notarization (RON) for corporations, and here are some advantages:

          1. Availability: Notaries on the eNotaryLog platform are always ready to assist companies with remote online notarization. This is especially helpful for enterprises operating in rural areas, smaller cities, or when a notarization is needed outside regular business hours.
          2. Security: RON is safe and secure. Also, information and documents are protected from third parties, especially with eNotaryLog. Leading global law firm and fintech advisor DLA Piper reviewed and endorsed the eNotaryLog platform. DLA Piper is not only a premier legal advisor to the Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA), but they also collaborate with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) on remote online notarization law.
          3. Customization: eNotaryLog makes it easy for enterprise businesses to:
            • Create sessions for clients 
            • Add multiple signers 
            • Pricing plans tailored for businesses 
            • White label to expand the offering
          4. Fewer errors: Fewer errors equates time saved for other objectives. Also, since RON takes only a few minutes, companies can schedule buyers and sellers separately, allowing them to review closing documents at their pace. While a traditional closing for purchase can include 50 or more documents to sign and notarize. This can take anywhere from an hour to two hours to complete. However, with RON and eSigning in advance, the average close time may be as little as 30 minutes.
          5. Construction Industries: RON eliminates the need for all parties to be in the same room. It also makes the notary process convenient for everyone involved. RON allows construction business administrators additional time to evaluate bidding opportunities instead of being held up with paperwork.
          6. Real Estate Industry: There are 44 states, as well as Washington, D.C., with permanent RON law on the books for eClosings. Also, eNotaryLog’s premier RON experience ensures a convenient, custom, and secure solution to digitizing closings. 
          7. Streamlined workflow: eNotaryLog offers electronic journals, scheduling tools, and tagging templates to modernize the RON workflow. In turn, our all-in-one platform improves the overall experience for companies and their clients.
          8. Enhanced Business Partnerships: RON and eNotaryLog enable and power companies to form new business relationships. If a company conducts business overseas, it can spend time coordinating schedules across different time zones. However, with RON, it is easy to schedule appointments anytime, anywhere.
          9. Cost: Eliminate the cost of paper printing, postage, and travel, especially when working overseas.
          10. Focus on growth: Outsourcing tasks like RON and eSignature to the eNotaryLog platform leave time for businesses to build relationships, generate referrals, and grow revenue.

These are just the top reasons why eNotaryLog is the right choice for remote online notarization for corporations. Learn more about how  eNotaryLog can advance your profitability and streamline RON processes, and visit enotarylog.com today!

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