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eNotaryLog is a customer-first-focused company committed to handling remote online notarizations and electronic signature requests quickly, accurately, and in compliance with U.S. and state laws and regulations. We are honored to be trusted to handle the transactions that often correlate with life’s important moments and memories 

The team at eNotaryLog built a platform that is a leading competitor in the remote online notarization market. We put our clients first and build a community among our platform users all while following the required security measures to meet the highest standards for our clients. We focus on providing a safe, convenient, secure, digital-first online experience. 

Highly regarded digital legal expert helps guide eNotaryLog and the evolving online notary landscape. 

Tim Reiniger is eNotaryLog’s digital counsel and one of the leading remote online notarizations (RON) law experts. He advises on all aspects of notarial law and practices for overall compliance with U.S. laws, federal identity and security standards, and international treaties. 

Reiniger played a vital role in creating the nation’s first RON law in Virginia in 2011 and worked closely on the subsequent enactments in Montana and Texas. Reiniger also helped pioneer the first remote online notarization laws and applied essential security measures in 2011 during his work in Virginia, including: 

  1. Online identity proofing guidelines created by the U.S. Department of Commerce 
  2. Electronic signature guidelines using digital certificate technology 
  3. Two-way live, real-time audio-visual communication standards used by the Virginia State Supreme Court 

Latest technology infrastructure for our intuitive remote online notarization (RON) platform. 

At eNotaryLog, we follow SOC II guidelines. Companies use SOC II to emphasize security from top-level management to all workers. Its focus is on compliance with the company’s practices/procedures of assuring information security. SOC II is a comprehensive reporting framework put forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in which third-party auditors perform an assessment and subsequent testing of controls relating to the Trust Services Criteria (TSC) of security, and availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. 

A SOC II audit report provides detailed information and confidence about a service organization’s security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy controls. The critical advantage of the SOC II audit is that it shows that an organization keeps an elevated level of information security. The stringent compliance requirements, tested on-site, ensure that sensitive information stays secure. 

SOC II coverage includes: 

  1. System Monitoring: eNotaryLog constantly monitors its information systems and critical data access. In this approach, eNotaryLog guarantees that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information. 
  2. Data Breach Alert: If a security incident were to occur, systems are in place for immediate alerts and actions of the potential threats. 
  3. Audit Procedures: Stringent audit procedures ensure detailed records of how personal information and other sensitive data is used. 
  4. Forensics Analysis: Processes in place for eNotaryLog to determine the full scope of an incident, how it occurred, and future incident prevention. 

Procedures to Validate Legal Forms of Signer Identification 

eNotaryLog deploys both Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) and Credential Analysis. These separate processes help validate the signer’s identification. Credential Analysis uses an image of the signer’s identification loaded in the system. The system then validates if the ID. The signer shows their chosen ID and their person in the audio-visual communication to the live notary to complete validation. KBA asks a series of questions that only the signer would know. This KBA process ensures the signer’s identification. The questions provided include verification of previous or current home property addresses or vehicles owned to confirm identity.

The Online Notarization Process is Secure at Every Step in the Platform 

To digitally sign and seal each notarized document, eNotaryLog uses an identity-based digital certificate known as an X.509 tamper-evident certificate, which is unique to each notarization. An X.509 certificate is a standard defining the format of public-key certificates. When documents are sealed with an X.509 certificate, we ensure it is tamper-resistant, and any modification(s) after a notarization will be evident. 

This digital certificate authenticates the digital signature and electronic notary seal, which notaries use when signing and notarizing documents. 

Committed to Advancing Digital Documentation and Remote Online Notarization

eNotaryLog is a Florida-based SaaS (Software as a Service) online notarization and eSignature company. We work to help business owners feel secure in their document notarization and electronic signature endeavors, so they can focus on what they do best: running their business. 

eNotaryLog enables consumers to sign and notarize documents online, anytime, anywhere in the world with a U.S.-based RON-authorized notary. We work with independent notaries and business clients. We help them offer the convenience of online notarization to their customers for a quick and secure transaction. 

Tampa-raised co-founders Joseph Bisaillon and James Mitchell set out to create the most trusted online notary service. They wanted the everyday consumer to conveniently have access to a notary at any time. The two friends saw this frustration firsthand when they were taking care of a close friend diagnosed with cancer. During his end-of-life care, they realized how unnecessarily difficult it was to get access to a notary during a critical time. 

eNotaryLog brings an advanced level of convenience, training, and security to the entire notarization process. This is done all while connecting with and supporting customers. eNotaryLog simplifies digital notarization by listening to customer needs. Then they deliver the necessary solutions. 

To learn more or if you have a security question or concern, contact us at eNotaryLog support@enotarylog.com. 

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