As COVID-19 began to spread across the country earlier this year, institutional investors began to see the importance of switching to a fully-digital process. Real estate companies all over the country began to offer virtual home tours, and when faced with the difficulty of finding a traditional notary to finalize closing documents, the need for a remote online notary became more and more apparent. The last thing you need is a delay in your client’s process of the closing of their new home.

At eNotaryLog, we saw the problem that the real estate industry was facing and created a solution. From consent documents to fully online eClosings, we offer flexible solutions for your real estate needs. In today’s blog, we’ll go over a few of the main reasons that the real estate industry is choosing to work with a remote online notary like eNotaryLog to transform their workflow and digitize their processes. Keep reading to learn more and get in touch with us at eNotaryLog to get started!

Better Client Experience

Clients are always looking for a more convenient and streamlined buying experience. When you utilize the fully online workflows provided by our team and network at eNotaryLog, you can give your clients the experience they deserve. No longer will you have to wait until a traditional in-person notary becomes available. We can help you with all of your documents and walk you through our fully online eClosing process so that you can better serve your clients and build your business.

Safe and Secure

First-time homebuyers may be skeptical about their information being uploaded to a digital system, but with eNotaryLog, you can give them the peace of mind knowing that we are the first MISMO certified remote online notarization platform with the industry’s first remote online notarization certification. MISMO’s RON standards provide a common set of requirements, including credential analysis, signer identification, capturing and maintaining a recording of the notary process electronically, audio and video requirements, record storage, and audit trails. You can trust in our ability to help you store and organize all of your documents digitally — making them easy to access and sign when you’re ready. eNotaryLog provides you with a better way to manage digital documents with our state-of-the-art dashboard that can be used for both eSignatures and remote online notarizations (RON).

Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

With eNotaryLog’s custom and powerful integrations for the real estate industry, we focus more of your time on selling and less on the tedious paperwork involved in the home-buying or selling process. When you can spend more time selling, your business has the opportunity to grow exponentially. Our easy-to-use platform and digital processes make it easy to extend your daily workflow and communicate between disparate systems. 

Flexible Policies and Custom Solutions

At eNotaryLog, we integrate with multiple eNote vaults so that real estate agents can utilize in-app eNote signings. Not only that, but our flexible data retention policies help meet the demands of your business. In short, eNotaryLog can create custom solutions to meet your needs, no matter what those needs may be. We also provide a variety of signing options, including using your own notary, using one of our experienced and highly-trained in-house notaries, using a signing service, or a hybrid of the three combined. Get in touch with us today to learn more about everything we can offer. 

Streamline Your Digital Process with Remote Online Notarizations From eNotaryLog

When it comes to providing the best client experience, eNotaryLog can help you create a flexible, custom, and completely secure solution to streamline your workflow. Save yourself the hassle of tedious paperwork. This is especially relevant in today’s world as in-person contact and communication is more difficult. Real estate professionals across the country are taking advantage of the remote online notary services offered by eNotaryLog. Let us help you organize your documents, walk you through our eClosing process, and leave you feeling satisfied and confident with our eSignature options. Sign up with eNotaryLog and start enhancing your workflow by getting in touch with our team today.

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