We understand that searching for a trusted remote online notarization (RON) provider can be intimidating. You are looking for a company that you want to trust with important life documents. We will outline what to look for when searching for your go-to RON platform. These are important to know as an everyday consumer and as a business.

What level of security do they provide?

While researching your options, always look for the level of security that they offer. They need to protect your documents and personal information, so this is important. Some RON providers use older technologies such as simple SSL Certificates to protect your data. We recommend going with a provider that utilizes state-of-the-art blockchain technology. This ensures all your data is encrypted with the highest level of security. It also makes sure your personal data isn’t at risk.

Where are their notaries located?

Make sure the RON platform you choose has its full staff of notaries in-house. The last thing you want is to get online to get your document notarized and get connected with someone unprofessional. It helps to ensure all notary staff is held in-house to keep a high standard of professionalism across the board.

What are their data policies?

If you are looking into RON for your business, make sure that you ask the provider about their data privacy policies. You may also want to see how long they keep their audio/video logs on file. For example, in Florida, we are legally obligated to keep all records for a minimum of 10 years. This gives you extra protection in the case of litigation. Also, you will want to look into the level of insurance your RON provider holds. For example, a standard RON provider is required to hold $250,000 in coverage. However, a real estate transaction could be worth well north of $1M-plus. This is an enormous liability to not be covered.

We hope that some of the information in this post provided useful to you in your decision making process. Let us know below if there were any other deciding factors that helped you make your decision. We wish well on your selection process.

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