Summer is here! School is out, the sun is shining, and families are getting ready for vacation. With COVID restrictions lifting, vacation travel is easier than ever. And with eNotaryLog, traveling abroad, especially with children, is even easier. 

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a child can travel abroad with one parent if the parent has a notarized letter granting permission from the other parent. If the child is traveling with an adult other than their parents, both parents must provide notarized written permission.  

How old does a child need to be to require a letter of consent? 

When a U.S. citizen is under the age of 18 and travels internationally with a parent or guardian, they must present a “parental letter of agreement for international travel with children.” This travel includes land and sea. 

The traveling adult must have the child’s valid passport and visa or their original birth certificate. If not the original, a notarized or certified copy, and the original notarized letter of travel. (Note: eNotaryLog cannot notarize vital records, such as birth certificates, at this time.) 

How is eNotaryLog connected to sea travel? 

eNotaryLog is based out of Tampa, FL., and cruises are a huge industry in the company’s native state. According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), each year, 11.5 million passengers and crew members depart from ports along Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The cruise industry also boosts Florida’s local economy. Another study by the CLIA estimated the industry brings in $7.98 billion yearly to Florida’s economy. The study also found that cruise lines and their ancillary businesses result in 149,020 jobs which pay $7.1 billion in salaries to locals of the Sunshine State. The local economy definitely benefits from the cruise industry. Passengers shop at local stores, and the cruise lines hire local service providers. 

eNotaryLog can make cruising easy for all families with remote online notarization. We can notarize the “parental letter of agreement for international travel with children” to authorize the traveling adult to take the child on the specific cruise. The notarization also authorizes the parent or guardian to sign legal documentation and waivers that are specific to cruise activities such as rock climbing, bungee trampoline, or a FlowRider. The paperwork also must authorize the adult to supervise the child and allow any medical treatment for the child. 

What are the rules for the notarized letter? 

Whichever parent’s signature is needed must be present for the remote online notarization. The signers may not be familiar with notarial acts, and that is where eNotaryLog steps in! Our notaries follow the notarization laws in any needed state. For example, in Florida, the notary can’t perform the notarization if the person signing is a family member. This is because Florida notaries cannot notarize the signatures of their spouses, parents, or children. Notaries in Texas must follow multiple steps to notarize a minor’s signature. One of three methods identifies the minor’s signature:

  1. The notary personally knows the minor signer
  2. A credible witness who personally knows the minor identifies the minor signer
  3. The minor signer must present a current form of ID issued by the federal or state government. It must include the minor signer’s photograph and signature.

Why is a notarized letter important?

The notarized letter is a way to combat child abductions due to custody battles. The parent names on a minor’s birth certificate must mutually agree that the minor can be taken out of the country. A notarized letter shows that agreement. If a father or mother’s name is not listed on the minor’s birth certificate, no letter is needed if the one parent wants to travel with the minor. 

Can eNotaryLog notarize a letter of consent remotely?

Yes. Our notaries can prepare the letter and notarize it in one session. The letter states that one parent gives permission for the minor to travel out of the country with the other parent or guardian. It also includes the travel dates, and possibly even the itinerary so there are no loose ends. eNotaryLog will make sure you enjoy your vacation and have all your important documents sorted. The notary not only knows the state laws but also the rules and regulations of the destination country or countries in the case of a cruise. 

Also, eNotaryLog notaries cannot and will not give legal advice regarding the contents of the letter of consent or how it must be completed. Signers should contact the company requiring the document for instructions. This can be the cruise line or the destination country’s embassy. And though our remote online notarization service is quick and simple, international travel should be the opposite. Last-minute notarizations under rushed circumstances can lead to invalid signatures. A notary can’t notarize the signature due to lack of identification or other issues. Other issues include the other parent not present when needed.

Summer and vacation are supposed to be fun and relaxing. You achieve that tranquil state of summer with remote online notarization and eNotaryLog. We make it quick and easy. You are the focus. We quickly address any issues or concerns to provide you with an enjoyable notary experience. 

Enjoy your travel plans and check out eNotaryLog today! 

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