USPS Form 1583 is a critical document that allows mail forwarding services or commercial mail receiving agents (CMRAs) to receive mail on behalf of their customers. While it can appear confusing at first, the process of filling it out becomes much simpler with the help of eNotaryLog, an online notarization platform. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the purpose of USPS Form 1583 and walk you through the process of completing and notarizing it with eNotaryLog.

Understanding USPS Form 1583

USPS Form 1583 is used to authorize a CMRA to receive mail on a customer’s behalf. The United States Postal Service (USPS) regulates mail handling procedures, and the form ensures that a responsible party is associated with the mailbox. In essence, it is a necessary step to secure your mail forwarding service or PO box rental.

Acquiring a Copy of Form 1583

You can download a clean copy of USPS Form 1583 from the USPS website and print it out. Make sure to choose the correct form based on your mailbox location.

Filling Out Form 1583

The form is divided into three sections: CMRA information, mailbox and owner information, and optional business information.

Section 1: The CMRA Information (Box 4)

This section is typically filled out by the CMRA, so you don’t need to worry about it. It displays the party authorized for mail delivery.

Section 2: Mailbox Owner and Optional Business Information

You need to fill out this section. Most items are self-explanatory.

Box 1: Write the name of the person who will be receiving mail for this mailbox. If the mailbox is for a business, enter the business name. If it’s for an individual, provide the person’s full name.

Box 2: Write your mailbox address, including the mailbox number you selected during sign-up.

Box 3: Sign here to authorize the CMRA to receive restricted-delivery mail on your behalf.

Boxes 4 & 5: Provide the name of the person applying for the mailbox (the owner) and their phone number. This is typically the same person as the one receiving mail for the mailbox (Box 1). Also, include your current mailing address.

Box 6: List two forms of identification that you will use to prove your identity and their ID numbers. One must be a photo ID. You can find a list of acceptable IDs at the end of this article.

Box 7: Sign the form in the presence of a notary. Digital signatures are acceptable.

Section 3: Optional Business Information

If you’re linking a business to your mailbox, fill out boxes 8-14. Most of the boxes are self-explanatory, but some require clarification:

Boxes 8a – 8e: Add your business contact information. You can use your business mailing address or registered agent address. If you run a home-based business, use your home address. This information is only for the CMRA and USPS and is not available to others.

Box 9: Specify the product(s) or service(s) your business offers, such as “market research,” “consumer products,” “clothing,” etc.

Box 10: List each member or employee who will receive mail at this address. Although names must have verifiable identification, separate Form 1583s for each employee are not required unless requested by the CMRA.

Notarizing Form 1583 with eNotaryLog

In-person notarization can be time-consuming and inconvenient. eNotaryLog provides a secure and efficient alternative, allowing you to notarize your Form 1583 online. To notarize your form with eNotaryLog, follow these steps:

Have a Driver’s License or Passport available.

  1. Go to Click Start your Notarization.
  2. Input your Name and Email.
  3. Upload Form 1583: Once logged in, upload the completed Form 1583 to the platform.
  4. Completed Knowledge-Based Authentication Questions
  5. Complete Credential Analysis using your passport or driver’s license
  6. Attend the notary session: join the notary session using the link provided by eNotaryLog. The online notary will verify your identity, review your Form 1583, and notarize the document digitally.
  7. Download the notarized form: After the notary session, you will receive a link to download your notarized Form 1583. Save a copy for your records and submit it to the CMRA as instructed.

Social security cards, credit cards, corporate IDs, and birth certificates are NOT acceptable forms of identification.

eNotaryLog simplifies the process of completing and notarizing USPS Form 1583, saving you time and effort. By using this platform, you can easily authorize a CMRA to receive mail on your behalf and ensure that your mail forwarding service or PO box rental is set up securely and efficiently.

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