From finalizing M&A transactions to executing contracts, Legal teams are essential in enabling business growth and success. But it's not easy for attorneys and staff to manage document workflows. With eNotaryLog's suite of digital solutions, you get a single platform to manage legal documents, drive efficiency and comply with industry privacy and compliance standards, so you can focus on growing your business.

Custom data retention policies

We offer flexible data retention policies to meet the demands of your business

Private & Secure

eNotaryLog provides industry leading security & privacy policies to ensure you and your customer's data is stored and transmitted securily. eNotaryLog is SOC 2 compliant & MISMO Certified.

Accelerate business growth

Spend less time focusing on the paperwork and more time working on billables.


Powerful integrations

Utilize our powerful real estate integrations to extend your daily workflow and communicate between disparate systems.

Integrate Now

Better client experience

Don't make your clients come to the office just to fill our some paperwork. Take your process fully digital and create a better client experience.

eSign & Notarize all in one

Use eNotaryLog's state of the art dashboard for both eSignature and Remote Online Notarizations. Provide a better way to manage digital documents and administrative workflows.

Reduce errors & Increase compliance

Utilize eNotaryLog's eTagging room to ensure documents are completed correctly.

What people say

GREAT JOB. Thanks for your help in getting my friend's docs notarized. I'm looking forward to working with you again. Your whole team was amazing/good customer service and pleasant.

David Bakalar
Kass Shuler, PA