In July the state of Florida passed House Bill 409, finally legalizing Remote Online Notarization, or RON for short, allowing consumers to have access to a notary 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This is completely revolutionizing the notary process that we all currently know by providing more accessibility, security, and streamlining notarizations saving us all time.

The RON process is much more secure than the previous notarization process

Recently the National Notary Association had members of their community take an ID matching quiz. The quiz presented 18 pairs of photos. One photo was of an actual driver’s license and the other was a candid shot either of the person in the ID or an impostor. Quiz takers were asked to decide who was an impostor and who wasn’t. More than 2,900 members took part in this quiz, and about 32 percent of the time, they failed to catch the impostor. Equally, 31 percent of the time they incorrectly identified valid ID’s as being fraudulent. With third party ID verification systems and knowledge-based assessments, the notary process is now much more secure and audio/video logs must be kept on record for a minimum of ten years in the state of Florida!

As you probably already know in order to get a document notarized you must get in your car and travel to a bank, courthouse, or notary office and present your document in person. Otherwise, you could call a mobile notary that will come to you, but don’t expect them for at least an hour or two. Now, you can simply get on your computer and visit the website of your preferred RON vendor, verify your identity through ID verification and a Knowledge Based Assessment, upload your document, and get that document notarized by a licensed notary over the web in as little as ten minutes!

All in all, Remote Online Notarization is going to drastically change the landscape of the notary industry as we currently know it. Making a notary more accessible and secure will take the burden off consumers and businesses alike. Could you see yourself getting your next document notarized online? Let us know your thoughts!

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