NNA’s 2022 March Fong Eu Achievement Award Recipient: Timothy Reiniger

eNotaryLog’s digital counsel, Timothy Reiniger, has been awarded the National Notary Association’s (NNA) 2022 March Fong Eu Achievement Award for his commitment to remote online notarization (RON) laws. Tim’s ongoing efforts directly affect state RON laws, thus providing secure, convenient and accessible RON services for notaries and signers. 

The March Fong Eu Achievement Award is given annually to the individual who or organization that, in the judgment of the NNA’s Executive Committee, has done the most to improve the standards, image and quality of the office of notary public. 

Named in honor of former California Secretary of State March Fong Eu for her extraordinary leadership in spearheading the enactment of progressive Notary reform legislation despite opposition from powerful lobbies who preferred lower notarial standards. Today, the March Fong Eu Achievement Award goes to honorees whose efforts led to creating or implementing a new law, program, or policy with a significant beneficial impact on the notary office. 

Reiniger played a crucial role in creating the nation’s first remote notarization law in Virginia when RON wasn’t fully understood or trusted. He helped write VA House Bill 2064 and spearheaded a movement for remote online notarization. Reiniger also worked on other enactments in Montana and Texas and was commissioned by the American Bar Association as an advisor to the Uniform Law Commission’s Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts. His influence and his work in Virginia helps state governors and notary commissioning officials write laws to allow more states to pass remote online notarization. 

In addition to his work at eNotaryLog, Reiniger stays busy as a council member in the Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and as an attorney, graduating from Michigan Law. Still, he also works endlessly to support notaries and the advancement of remote online notarization. 

The National Notary Association will formally recognize Reiniger at their annual conference in June, of which eNotaryLog is a sponsor. 

Read More on Tim’s Achievement at the National Notary Association’s website. 

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