A power of attorney (POA) is an essential legal document. It authorizes a designated individual or entity to make decisions on behalf of another person. These decisions include legal, medical, and personal property and providing monetary asset access. A power of attorney can be essential in times of medical emergencies. Therefore, designating a power of attorney and selecting which type meets your needs is an important decision. 

Types of Power of Attorney 

  1. General 
  2. Special (or Limited) 
  3. Durable 
  4. Healthcare (or Medical) 

eNotaryLog can enable and execute easy and fast remote online notarization (RON) of power of attorney in time-sensitive, crisis, and emergency circumstances. An example of a time-sensitive circumstance could be failing health, where a medical power of attorney is issued to authorize an individual to make medical decisions on behalf of the grantor. POAs are also commonly used in real estate transactions; banking, insurance, and investments; establishing estates and trusts; and generating healthcare proxies. 

What Does a POA Direct 

A power of attorney contains four sections. The first section designates the attorney-in-fact. This is the person or entity granted powers. The following section specifies the powers granted. They can fall under several categories, including: 

  1. Property  
  2. Stocks and bonds  
  3. Beneficiary interests such as estates and trusts 
  4. Personal and family maintenance 

This section also allows the grantor to place directives for specific actions. They may designate special instructions or grant gifts. The third section sets the duration of a power of attorney and can also nominate a guardian if the grantee is incapacitated. The final section is where the POA is executed and notarized. 

How to Use eNotaryLog for RON of POA 

eNotaryLog can generate time-sensitive power of attorney documents using remote online notarization (RON). Our process provides the signer multiple advantages over in-person notarization, especially in a medical emergency where time is of the essence. Our notaries conduct the transaction securely via our platform using audio-visual technology. We provide a convenient, streamlined experience for signers, mitigate any risk of error, and secure the signer’s identity with knowledge-based verification (KBV). 

A signer uploads their document to the eNotaryLog platform, signs, and notarizes it online without the inconvenience of scheduling an appointment. And our notaries guide all parties through identity verification, signing, and notarization. eNotaryLog and RON empower signers to execute powers of attorney anytime, anywhere.  

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