Notarizing Educational Documents

eNotaryLog makes back-to-school forms a breeze! We provide remote online notarization (RON) for all your educational documents. eNotaryLog notarizes diplomas and field trip permissions as well as certified school transcripts, which must be certified by the school official. We also notarize healthcare documents like medical records requests, treatment consents, and healthcare proxies.

You should notarize your diploma or transcripts. Here’s why.

Notarizing school documents such as a diploma or transcript is a requirement if you want to study abroad. In fact, many countries require verification of authenticity for U.S. degrees. Getting your diploma or transcript notarized not only provides authenticity, it’s also an additional security measure.

What is the difference between diplomas or transcripts?

A diploma certifies that you have finished a course of study, while a transcript is an official document that provides your courses, grades, and grade point average. If you are an American student planning on abroad study, you are required to provide school official signed transcript copies as a condition of obtaining a study visa or to transfer credits. With remote online notarization provided by eNotaryLog, the timeline for completion of these documents is accelerated, providing students and families with the requirements they need in the time they need.

Fieldtrip permission slips must be notarized.

A school can require a field trip permission slip to be notarized. It is mandatory if the trip is out of state or country. Otherwise it is an added layer of safety for everyone involved. Permission slips typically contain a “waiver of liability.” That means the parent or guardian agrees that if an incident happens during the trip, the school is released of any liability. Notarizing permission slips is easy with remote online notarization and eNotaryLog.

Other forms needed for school admissions.

If your child is going to school out of the country, a notarized health care proxy is advantageous. This legal document identifies who makes the difficult health care decisions if the student is unable to make themselves. eNotaryLog can notarize this document for you. This ensures your student is safe while away from home. Also, eNotaryLog can notarize your child’s medical records and medical treatment consent forms. Once again, this prioritizes your child’s health by properly disclosing everything when they are overseas or traveling.

eNotaryLog’s ability to remote online notarize is convenient, secure, and fast.

The notarization may be done in the comfort of your home, and our notary experts will provide the support and guidance to ensure all your child’s paperwork is ready to go for their educational requirements.

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