Notary access isn’t something that’s top of mind until a notarization is needed. eNotaryLog makes the process seamless and simple. Our platform is available nationally anytime, anywhere to deliver to all notarization needs. 

The eNotaryLog platform makes it easy for everyone to access Remote Online Notarization 

We notarize your document online, conveniently, and securely. And, if you have more than one document or signer you may use our pricing calculator or start a chat session directly on our website. We’ll make sure you have what you need for a smooth transaction. Also, with our notaries available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. EST, we are ready to begin your session anytime, anywhere.  

What you need to notarize a document online.  

  • Valid government-issued driver’s license, passport, or identification card
  • Electronic PDF file of your document to upload 
  • Verify your computer’s speakers, audio, microphone, and webcam are all working  
  • Verify you have a strong and reliable internet/Wi-Fi connection
  • Verify your internet browser is the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari  
  • Credit card payment ready for processing  

If there is only one signer and one document, then your fee is $25. It should be noted that fees do increase with the addition of signers and documents.  

Ready to Begin Your Online Notarization? 

eNotaryLog provides access to a live notary to notarize a host of documents securely and conveniently such as automotive, education, finance, general business, healthcare, legal, and residential real estate documents. Currently, eNotaryLog does not notarize birth, death, marriage documents, or wills. Nor do we provide wet ink signatures for apostille purposes. The Secretary of State can issue an apostille. This is a certificate that authenticates the document for use outside the U.S. eNotaryLog can notarize the apostille document. However, the issuing state’s Secretary of State must stamp the Apostille with a raised seal.

An eNotaryLog Notarization Ensures You are In Good Hands. 

eNotaryLog provides independent notaries with consumer-focused, compliant-driven data, and video file retention policies. The independent notaries working within the eNotaryLog platform assure their client’s information is safe and secure. Also, the independent notaries using the eNotaryLog platform have more time to grow their business and relationships because they provide clients with the power of convenient digital document execution. We are the first MISMO-certified RON platform, are SOC 2 compliant, and have also been independently reviewed by leading industry-advising law firm DLA Piper. 

eNotaryLog Simplifies Notarization. 

The eNotaryLog platform is designed to keep notarization simple. An eNotaryLog customer stated, “This was just what I needed during my time in quarantine. I was able to get our medical needs addressed with this online, at-home option. The notary was friendly and professional, which I appreciated! Easy!” eNotaryLog makes your remote online notarization process quick and convenient so you can get back to life, learn more on and connect with a live notary.  

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