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Welcome to the eNotaryLog Independent Notary Resource Center. The on-demand video library provides you with quick walk-throughs on the eNotaryLog platform. Direct access to the Service Desk also provides extensive documentation and reference guides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to eNotaryLog! Once our system has verified your information, you’ll receive a welcome email with details to access the platform and service desk. We recommend you check out the training videos on this page and the service desk documentation to learn more about the platform.

Every state that authorizes Remote Online Notarization (RON) may have its own technology standards and requirements. eNotaryLog offers an end-to-end remote notarization and electronic signature platform that allows independent notaries to sign up and provide them with the needed platform access and training. Some Secretary of States must authorize and approve the RON platforms offered in their states. Licensed notaries should check with their Secretary of State office to follow all RON guidelines, digital requirements and the authorized platforms.

Unfortunately, no. If you want to add more notaries to your independent notary account, you will need to upgrade to an enterprise plan by emailing

Each notary session completed is $13 for the first signer plus $5 for each additional signer or witness. As an Independent Notary using the eNotaryLog platform, you are billed monthly for your completed sessions. We do not charge per document or notary seal. Please email with any questions.

Fees cover the processing and service costs. Transaction fees cover the cost of additional processing time for the transaction, video file storage, and identity verification services.

You should verify your state’s RON capabilities. Currently, 44 states have remote online notarization (RON) laws. Check with your Secretary of State office for current activity or legislation. You can also visit the National Notary Association RON site for information.

Independent Notaries are billed monthly for completed eNotaryLog platform sessions via the credit card on file. Please email with any questions.