Anytime you hear or read the words “requires a notary,” you probably groan and sigh. That is because you immediately think this won’t be easy. You have to think about how to make that happen, know what you need, and find a local notary. Once you arrive at the notary, you sit and wait and hope you’ve got everything for your document to be notarized. The whole process can be time-consuming and sometimes painful. Luckily, there’s now a more accessible option from the comfort of your home – state-approved, remote online notarization (RON). Here’s what you need to have a successful online notary session.

1. Gather Your Documents and ID

The primary job of a notary is to verify your identity and witness you signing legally binding documents, such as mortgages, contracts, or a power of attorney. Thus, if you need a notary, you need documents authenticated. When preparing for a remote online notarization, you need to have your documents in an electronic format, preferably as a PDF, along with a valid ID.

You’ll also go through identify verification steps with knowledge-based authentication questions based on cars or homes you currently own or have in the past. Brush off those memories.

2. Quiet, Uninterrupted Space

When choosing to use an online notary, it’s best to have your space prepared ahead of time. Choose a quiet location where you won’t be interrupted. You’ll want to ensure you can focus on the notarization process with limited distractions.

3. Test Your Tech

For a remote online notary session, you’ll need a desktop, laptop, or tablet with a solid and reliable Internet connection. You’ll also need a camera, speakers, and microphone to easily see and speak with the notary. These tech requirements are a must so notaries can properly identify who you are and talk with you throughout the process. If you can, do a test run of everything in advance to test your sound and video.

4. Ensure Internet Connectivity

Be sure you have a solid internet connection when you start the notarization session. The last thing you want to happen is to lose connection in the middle of reviewing and executing documents with the online notary.

5. Pay for Your Notary

And finally, remember to have your credit card to pay for the notarization service. With many things to remember for an online notary, paying for the service is sometimes overlooked. Make sure to ask the provider about their payment options. Most of the time, it’s by credit card so keep your wallet close at hand. Some services may offer alternate payment methods, so be sure to ask before your session begins.

Choose eNotaryLog Today

At eNotaryLog, we provide personal service and a secure transaction from the moment you start the notarization process. As the first RON provider to be MISMO-certified and SOC 2 compliant, we protect you and your documents. We securely store only what’s required, such as the audio/video file, and provide tamper-resistance certificates. Whether it’s a one-time document or a long-term partnership, eNotaryLog is focused on simplifying digital for today’s consumers and businesses.

From RON to eSignature to other emerging digital technologies, eNotaryLog offers all-in-one solutions for secure, hands-on digital document execution anytime, anywhere.

Let’s simplify digital together.

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