No one a decade ago could have predicted the technology we have today. From self-driving cars and robots to everyone using their own personal phone to conduct business, surf the internet, and order dinner, there’s no doubt that technology has improved processes for businesses and made everyone’s lives easier. Included in this revolutionary technology is the emergence of the electronic signature.

eNotaryLog offers remote online notarization (RON) services for individuals and businesses, including real estate, legal, and financial industries. Many legal documents have to be notarized to ensure that the forms being signed are your authentic signature. This helps to protect you from fraudulent claims. We use electronic signatures in every transaction we process. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that electronic signatures can help grow your business.

Grow your business with digital signatures

1. Reduces Paper

How many times have you printed out materials just so they could be physically signed? When you invest in electronic signature technology, you can reduce your use of paper significantly. This will not only lower costs but will help to reduce your carbon footprint substantially as well. You will reduce the use of paper, ink, a printer, a fax machine, and mailing costs — and all of the source materials that go into making those items. The ripple effect will be far and wide.

2. Reduces Costs

Since you no longer will have physical copies of paperwork, you won’t need to file those away anywhere. Gone will be the storage rooms stacked to the ceiling of paperwork, as well as the expense of having those storage rooms. You won’t have to have meetings to sign documents, use the postal service to send documents, and spend your employees’ time taking care of such administrative work. Plus, you won’t have to track documents either. The time savings that come with an electronic signature platform reaps untold amounts of dollars in staffing time as well.

3. Increases Speeds

When signing documents on paper, think about the time it took to print documents, mail documents, fax documents, and wait for documents to be returned to you by the customer. If the documents got misplaced, there were even more delays in processes. When you invest in electronic signatures, your processing times will go from slow to instantaneous. As soon as documents are signed with an electronic signature, the process can be completed. Storage is as easy as hitting the save button. Your business will improve processes, efficiencies, and productivity significantly.

4. Increases Customer Service

Customers today expect easy, convenient, and instantaneous. If you require your customer to fill out any form online, they want to be able to do it quickly and easily with just a few strokes of the pen. Many businesses have jumped on the electronic process to an extent — up until you require them to print out a form to sign and then either snail mail, email, or scan back. Statistics show that many customers abandon the process at this point, losing your company business. The simple solution, in this case, is electronic signatures in order to improve conversion rates amongst your potential customers.

5. Increases Efficiency

Labor costs are a significant part of a business’s expenses, and if not carefully controlled, can significantly impact the bottom line. If your company embraces electronic signatures, you will save in additional employees needed to manage paperwork. Not only does this increase employee satisfaction (who really likes to push papers around?), but it also increases customer satisfaction since employees can spend more of their time taking care of customers, rather than doing mundane tasks.

6. Expand Business Offerings with Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures allow you to expand your business worldwide. Anyone with internet access can now sign up for your goods and services. You don’t have to meet them in person. If your company is set up for interstate employees, your employees can work in many locations as well and sign digitally. Truly, with electronic signatures, the sky’s the limit.

Choose eNotaryLog for your Signature Services Today

eNotaryLog offers eSignature and remote online notarization (RON) services for businesses and individuals. We have streamlined the process for capturing electronic signatures securely and confidentially for a RON transaction. In addition, we provide our own eSignature solution, separate from our online notarization services when you simply need something signed, but not notarized.

We help businesses to streamline workflows offering electronic solutions, enabling staff to focus on customer service rather than paper pushing. Integrating electronic signatures into daily workflows and processes, is simplified when you work with a responsive and tech-enabled company, like eNotaryLog.

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