No one a decade ago could have predicted the technology we have today. From self-driving cars and robots to everyone using their own personal phone to conduct business, search the Internet for anything and everything, there’s no doubt that technology has improved processes for businesses and made lives easier. Included in this is digital signatures.

Simplify Digital with eNotaryLog

How Digital Signatures Help Streamline Your Business

Reduces Paper

How many times have you printed documents for them to be signed and then scanned or faxed back to the requestor? (Yes, some still use unsecured fax machines.) With cloud-based, digital technology you immediately reduce the use of paper. Digital execution of documents immediately eliminates paper, printers, toner, along with mailing costs — and all the source materials that go into making those products. You immediately save time and money and help the environment.

Reduces Costs

With online digital document execution, the physical storage of documents is eliminated. The traditional file storage room and boxes are a thing of the past; mailing documents back and forth, and the administrative time to track and manage documents are also eliminated. Employees and overall business processes are more efficient, thus saving time and money. A recent CIO Review article reported electronic signatures saving 61% of surveyed managers money on document-related expenses. In fact, with the COVID-19 pandemic, they found 64% of businesses used this paperless method at least monthly.

Increases Speeds

In our instant-access society, just think about the time lost when physically signing paper documents, also referred to as wet signing. Think about the time it takes to print, mail, and wait for documents to be returned. If the documents get misplaced or lost, there are even more delays. When you invest in digital notarization and signature technology, processing times increase and you’re instantly more efficient. Storage is as easy as hitting the save button. Your business productivity improves significantly.

Increases Customer Service

Customers expect easy, convenient and instant access. If you require your customer to fill out an online form, they expect to do it quickly and easily. Many businesses have digital processes to an extent — up until they say print, sign, and send back. Such a deflating experience and process, and what’s the point of an electronic form if you can’t execute it online too? Statistics show that many customers abandon the process at this point, thus losing revenue for the business and more than likely a negative review. Retail Drive reports 87% of online consumers will abandon online processes if the actual checkout is too difficult; likewise, if your customer has to follow too many steps, they will lose interest. The simple solution is to implement digital signature technology thus improving satisfaction amongst potential customers.

More Meaningful Work

Labor is a significant part of a business’s expenses, and if not carefully managed, it can be wasted on tasks that normally require less attention. Embracing eSignature technology eliminates the need for your employees to focus on managing, filing, and coordinating physical paperwork. This enables them to devote energy and resources to bigger-picture projects. Not only does this increase employee satisfaction (who really likes to push papers around?), but also increases customer satisfaction since employees can spend more of their time taking care of customers.

Increased Lines of Business

Digital signatures allow you to improve and expand your business. With the majority of companies having a disburse and remote workforce, employees can collaborate more, and sign and execute documents from anywhere. You don’t have to be in-person to sign documents, immediately making employees and signers more efficient.

Choose eNotaryLog for Your Digital Signing and Online Notarization Needs

Digital signatures and online notarizations are a must in today’s digital environment. eNotaryLog is the hands-on expert to help you implement within your business. eNotaryLog offers remote online notarization services for individuals and businesses, including the real estate, legal, and financial services industries. Many documents need to be notarized to ensure what’s being signed is authentic, the signer is who they say they are, and the documents hold up in any court proceedings. The eNotaryLog platform is MISMO-certified, SOC2 compliant, and uses tamper-evident certificates in every notarization session. 

Whether you use your own notaries or ours, online notarization makes the process easier and more convenient for businesses and signers. We help organizations streamline their workflows, freeing staff to focus on customers and business growth vs paper processing. Connect with us today to learn why eNotaryLog is the customer-focused choice to help you simplify digital.


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