How to Become a Notary and Jumpstart Your Career

What do you want to be when you grow up? It is a question asked by everyone. We send kids off to college and expect 17- and 18-year-olds to make life-altering decisions at the drop of a hat. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. It can be scary not knowing how to go out on your own and knowing what you want to do after high school. Becoming an independent notary can help ease those fears and provide real-world experience.

If you are 18 years old, you can start your journey to become an independent notary and begin a career that dates to 1639. It is a value-added skill to beef up your resume, and it can help you build your income as you figure out what you want to be when you grow up or get your first real-world job.

Independent notaries work on their own and earn money by handling mortgage signings, notarizing trust documents, financial and other legally binding documents. The job can be a side hustle to supplement income or turn into a full-fledged business. Whichever path you take, eNotaryLog can help you along your journey. eNotaryLog is a remote online notarization platform that welcomes independent notaries to use the platform to start their businesses.

Why is notary work a great starting point?

There are multiple reasons why someone gets into notary work. For someone entering the workforce, notary work can help pay bills or offset some student loan debt. It isn’t hard to become a notary and there are minimal start-up costs. Also, as an independent notary, you set your hours; you don’t have to work a 9 to 5 job. Also, a notary career gives you the flexibility to balance work and personal commitments with the opportunity to work as much or as little as you desire while making money.

How much can a notary public earn?

The National Notary Association reported that over half of full-time notaries could earn over $2,000 a month, whereas 43% of all part-time independent notaries make over $500 a month and 30% earn over $1,000. Also, 88% of full-time notaries and 80% of part-time notaries consider being a notary profitable enough to continue their work a notary.

Is it a good time to become a notary?

Remote online notarization platforms like eNotaryLog have made working as an online notary public more convenient and secure. Also, the demand for notaries has increased due to the active real estate market. In the past couple of years, notaries have experienced growth due to mortgage refinances because they brought more loan signings. Also, there has been an uptick in requests to notarize powers of attorney, pension forms, and healthcare directives, which require notaries.

To become a remote independent online notary, one must be commissioned as a notary public in their state. You do have to be a legal resident of the state with no criminal record. Some states require notary applicants to be fluent in English, and some states allow residents of neighboring states to become notaries for their states.

What is needed to be a remote online notary?

An online notary is obligated to have a secure computer, a webcam that records clear images, a microphone that produces comprehensible sound, and a strong and safe internet connection. eNotaryLog has the latest technology and security features built into the platform:

  1. A recording and archiving of the audio-video communication session
  2. The ability to see and communicate with each other simultaneously through live, real-time transmission
  3. Security measures to prevent unauthorized access to live transmission or recording of audio-video communication

eNotaryLog enables independent notaries to sign up in less than five minutes and access self-guided resources to use the platform immediately. With eNotaryLog, you will find the ease and convenience of remote online notarization.

You can visit your Secretary of State’s website to learn about the remote online notarization guidelines for your state or visit the National Notary Association website.

The takeaway

The COVID pandemic stalled some career paths and opened doors in others, notaries being one of them. You can become a remote online notary the same way you took online classes. Simple but instead of paying, you are the one who gets paid.

Remote online notarization allows you to schedule more assignments per day because of the time saved, which means more income for you. Platforms like eNotaryLog offer all these services to independent notaries who then can go out and market themselves to potential clients.

eNotaryLog can help jumpstart your remote online notarization career. Whether you want to earn some money on the side or build a business, we can help put you on the front steps of the world of notarization. Join one of the world’s most important professions and visit the Independent Notary page to learn more about remote online notarization and using the eNotaryLog platform.

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