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On most major PDF readers such as foxit or adobe, you can check the signature panel to see our notaries X.509 certificate which renders the document tamper evident. Your PDF reader will also display if the document has been tampered with since the time your notary certified your document.

At eNotaryLog when we notarize your document we apply a seal to it using an X.509 digital certificate that is allocated to each individual notary we have. An X.509 certifiate is a standard defining the format of public key certificates. When we seal your document with an X.509 certificate we are ensuring that it is tamper evident and modification after our notarization will be evident.

Our system uses 3rd party credential analysis software to ensure the validity of your documentation. That means it can take up to 8 minutes while checking for security features, information and other identifying features to ensure that it can validate the identification provided as a legitimate and valid form of identification.

Your information is stored in a secured database that is backed up and only authorized employees have access to. We do not store your SSN and we do not sell your information.

eNotaryLog is committed to keeping your information safe and private, we do not sell any information that you provide to us.

A remote signer performs her/his own notarization session and therefore they do not have a time limit to use the link or complete their notarization.

We limit remote signers to a maximum of 6

You need a high quality microphone, camera and speakers. We also only support the latest versions of chrome and firefox on non-mobile devices.

We support the latest Chrome and Firefox on non-mobile devices.

We accept all major credit card providers.

At the end of your notarization session, an email is sent to the primary signers email with a link and pin to access the notarized document. If you do not have the email, please reach out at

No. At the moment we only support one document per notarization session

You will need to initiate another notarization session by going to the homepage and clicking notarize now

Do not worry, our notary staff can assist you in session to change the type of notarization

At the moment we do not support witnesses in the system, we are working on adding this feature and will update once it is available.

We set a minimum age of 16 and the signer must provide valid identification.

No page limit, but we do have a 100MB file size limit.

I forgot my credentials?
Do you offer any business solutions?

Yes, we have a suite of enterprise solutions. Please reach out to to learn more.

Do you offer any business solutions?

Yes, we have a suite of enterprise solutions. Please reach out to to learn more.