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FULL NAME Notary Public, State of Texas Commission Number 12458716 My Commission Expires on 10/11/22 FULL NAME NOTARY PUBLIC ID#123456 STATE OF TEXAS MY COMMISSION EXP.00/00/0000
state of Texas

Thank you for using eNotaryLog’s eSeal generator. Before using your newly generated eSeal, ensure it is compliant with your state’s most up-to-date requirements. If you have any trouble creating your eSeal, or if your name is not fitting on your eSeal, please email Scott Mitchell at esealrequest@enotarylog.com.

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Thank you for your interest in using eNotaryLog’s Digital Certificate. Before we can issue your digital certificate, you must submit your information via the online form below. Each digital certificate is valid for one year. You may make a special request with a start date of your choosing if you would like to buy a Digital Certificate now and use it at a later date. The cost for the digital certificate is $40 which must be paid by credit card to submit your request.

Your digital certificate will be emailed, by the next business day, to the email address provided in your request form. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

  • eNotaryLog’s Digital Certificate will not be supported by real estate transactions underwritten by Fidelity. If this is a concern for you, we direct you to purchase your Digital Certificate from IdenTrust
  • eNotaryLog’s Digital Certificates are only issued to active registered customers of the eNotaryLog Notarization Platform.

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