Companies adopting remote work and hybrid offices seek to reduce costs while increasing customer convenience. They’re pivoting to disruptive new products that deliver virtual and digital services. Real estate companies leverage virtual home tours and electronic document signing, and title companies offer the convenience of remote online notarization.  

Remote Online Notarization for eClosing

Remote online notarization (RON) has been simplifying eClosings since 2019. So, what exactly is an eClosing? It’s the process of finalizing a mortgage within a real estate transaction. More simply, purchasing or selling a home electronically in a secure digital environment. Until the shutdown of many businesses due to COVID-19, many closing processes were notarized and completed in-person. In fact, RON was only available in states where a RON bill had been passed. However, governors across many states passed emergency RON laws during the COVID-19 shutdown due to social distancing requirements and office shutdowns. Now, 44 states have permanent RON law on the books.

eNotaryLog Powers RON  

eNotaryLog provides the easiest and most convenient way to manage digital closing documents with a state-of-the-art dashboard that can be used for both eSignatures and remote online notarization. First-time homebuyers may be skeptical about their information being uploaded to a digital system, but eNotaryLog’s platform is safe, secure, and fully compliant with state regulations for eSignatures and RON. We are the first MISMO-certified remote online notarization platform. MISMO’s remote online notarization standards provide credential analysis signer identification and capture and maintain recordings of the notary audio and video process. There is also storage of the electronic notarization record and an audit trail.

If that’s not enough, eNotaryLog also follows SOC II guidelines. SOC focuses on compliance with the company’s practices/procedures of assuring information security capture. The critical advantage of SOC II is that it demonstrates that an organization keeps an elevated level of information security. The stringent compliance requirements, tested on-site, ensure that sensitive information stays secure. You can trust in our ability to help you store and organize all your documents digitally — making them easy to access and sign when you are ready. 

eClosing with eNotaryLog – How It Works 

  • Closing Date Set: Once you have your closing documents in hand and your date set, you can upload them to our platform and meet with an eNotaryLog notary for a final review and signatures. Or, if you choose to use your own Notary, eNotaryLog allows you to upload your documents to the transaction.  
  • Identity Verification: The notary confirms your identity before you sign your eClosing documents, just like in a non-electronic setting. Once your identity has been confirmed and your documents uploaded, your notary will witness your signature and guide you through the rest of the notarization process. And your documents are securely stored. 

In Advance of Your eClosing 

As you prepare for your RON eClosing, it’s essential to ensure that you have all your documents ready. Typically, eClosing and RON itself use one form of ID during your ID verification process. Some reminders before your eClosing include:  

  • Ensure you have high-speed internet access with video enabled 
  • Gather and have ready two forms of valid photo identification: 
  • U.S. driver’s License 
  • U.S. passport 
  • Certificate of naturalization 
  • Green card/permanent resident card 
  • U.S. state-issued photo ID 
  • Certificate of U.S. citizenship 
  • Military ID 
  • Have a witness present for the eClosing 

In some states, the notary will be the witness to the signing of your documents via video communication. However, other states require that you have a witness present in the room with you while you complete your eClosing documents.

Benefits of eClosing with a Remote Online Notary 

The benefits of eClosing with a remote online notary are unlimited. When you utilize our fully online workflows, you provide your clients with a convenient, fast, secure experience. And eNotaryLog’s RON is always ready for last-minute eClosings and gets it done on average in as little as 30 minutes.  

When you partner with eNotaryLog for your RON needs, you can spend more time supporting and building relationships with your clients and less time waiting for your in-person notary appointment. You can spend more time selling, your business can grow exponentially. When providing the premier RON experience, eNotaryLog powers you to ensure a customized, flexible, secure solution to streamline your eClosings.

Choose eNotaryLog for Your Next RON eClosing 

Working with a state notary for your eClosing process has never been easier than with our secure platform at eNotaryLog. We are proud to work with real estate professionals across the country who need faster, accessible, streamlined closing processes and want to spend more time accelerating the growth of their business and less time managing closings. Contact us at eNotaryLog today to learn more about how our platform can work for you. 

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