eNotaryLog’s Advanced Features debuts IPEN (In-Person Electronic Notarization). Our newest integration allows in-person notarizations, making the process efficient and straightforward.

What is In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)?​

IPEN and RON are not the same. While they share similarities, like electronic notarizations, they have fundamental differences. Simply put, IPEN means precisely what it states. It is an in-person act where the notary and signer are in the same place. However, all documents and notarizations are digital, allowing the notary to use the electronic seal and signature for notarization.

Like a traditional paper-based notarization, during an IPEN transaction, the signer and notary meet face-to-face. The documents are reviewed on a computer or mobile device, and electronic signatures are executed on that device. In addition, the notary can personally view the signer’s identification and perform the traditional notarial identity verification process. IPEN is permitted in all 50 states, including Washington, D.C., under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.


eNotaryLog provides an intuitive, flexible, and secure digital solution with IPEN. Title, Real estate, legal, and Fintech all benefit from the legality, efficiency, and convenience of in-person electronic signing and digital document delivery.

Who does in-person electronic notarization benefit?

Everyone benefits from IPEN. It provides a robust, intuitive, reliable platform that improves efficiency and solves traditional notarization problems.​ And IPEN’s digital closing performs quality control checks, verifying that all the signatures and fields are filled, eliminating potential errors, giving the notary and the signer the confidence that the notarization was correctly completed.

IPEN is Secure

IPEN demonstrates that electronic notarizations are secure, which is still a concern for some signers. The process is efficient, creating a foundation of trust and security and a rehearsal for the in-person signer. In a sense, IPEN provides training wheels for signers, notaries, and businesses to find comfort and familiarity, educating the benefits of the digital signing process.

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