Customer service is not dead in the digital era. In fact, digital tools and channels of communication improve customer service.

Despite what customers may feel, customer service has dramatically improved, by most objective measures, since digital tools and channels of communication have come to the fore, both in ways that are visible to customers and in ways that help them behind the scenes. named eNotaryLog one of “The 5 Best Online Notary Services of 2022,” and awarded the platform the “Best for Customer Service.”

What is online customer service?

Online customer service is the process of answering customer questions, which includes customer service. found that 65% of customers want to buy from companies that offer quick and easy online transactions.

eNotaryLog makes it easy to ask any question about remote online notarization and eSignature. Our notaries go above and beyond to deliver a compelling online experience.

Is online customer service growing?

The shift toward digital customer engagement was already underway before COVID-19. The pandemic’s challenges accelerated the need, and according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, it’s expected that 21% of sales will be made online in 2022. That would be a 17.9% growth in the eCommerce market in the last two years. The increase is projected to continue and reach 24.5% by 2025, which represents a 6.7% increase in just five years.

Online customer service has a few key benefits:

  1. Customers can get more immediate help
  2. Support teams can manage more requests in less time
  3. Wait times are reduced
  4. Customer satisfaction increased

What does eNotaryLog offer for customer satisfaction?

At eNotaryLog, customers have access to multiple opportunities for contact including live chat, a support helpline, a knowledge center, and an email address. We offer a variety of choices to give the customer the power to choose their level and means of engagement. Our notaries are available seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. EST to offer their expertise.

eNotaryLog’s knowledge-based center is our “service desk.” Customers can help themselves and answer their own questions in this space. Giving customers the power to solve their own problems without input from a customer service team effectively manages a company’s costs without sacrificing the quality of their customer service.

eNotaryLog offers customers a database of searchable information to answer many of their questions. We also have a blog portion of the website that goes more in-depth to frequently asked questions. Our service desk continues to develop and enhance its value based on our customer’s engagement and questions.

The eNotaryLog team is trained to answer customers quickly and efficiently. According to the Customer Experience Trends Report 2020, most customers expect a response in 12 hours or less. When responded to quickly, customers see that a company values their time and business. eNotaryLog responds to customers in a timely fashion, and with the ease of the platform, finding an answer is not a difficult task.

eNotaryLog continues to advance its customer support

Though customer service in the digital age has changed, what hasn’t changed is that when a customer does interact with another person, they still want a valuable human-on-human experience. eNotaryLog does everything in its power to provide a simple, quick, and desirable experience for customers. Our customer support tools allow us to be there for notaries and signers anywhere, any time.

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