Remote online notarization (RON) continues to stamp the nation as it rolls into Delaware. The East Coast state is the 44th state to pass permanent legislation on RON. It was announced that on Sept. 9, Delaware Gov. John Carney signed SB 262. Effective in less than a year, Aug. 1, 2023, the bill makes RON available to all certified Delaware notaries. 

RON allows Delaware signers to instantly access a live online notary public through secure web videoconference and electronically sign documents in minutes. Also, Delaware’s RON law also recognizes notarizations performed by any other state’s laws. 

With this new remote online notarization law, Delaware residents can access notary services throughout the state. and leverage reliable access to a notary. All they need is connectivity to a device.  

The state’s new RON law outlines conditions for remote online notarizations as follows: 

  1. Registration: A notary public must register with the Delaware Secretary of State and identify the technologies they intend to use to perform RON 
  1. Verification: The notary must verify the signer from personal knowledge, a witness, or government identification with a signature or photograph. Additional information may also be necessary to identify the signer. 
  1. Stamp: The notary’s stamp must include their public name, the words “State of Delaware,” the commission expiration date, and any other information required by the Delaware Secretary of State. The stamp must be able to be copied along with the document to which it is affixed. 
  1. Technology: The notary’s technology must retain the visual and audio recording for at least 10 years. The notary also must maintain a journal of all notarizations, which is also retained for 10 years. The journal’s format can be paper or electronic. 

Like other states, Delaware’s Secretary of State can establish new regulations and processes when they see fit. Delaware’s state notary department’s website is a great resource for gleaning all the information you may need.  

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