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Integrating remote online notarization translates to greater profits and cost savings. We enable companies to exceed their notarial needs with our feature rich platform that is designed to help grow your business and drive revenue. Law firms, real estate and title companies, and fintech are all benefiting from our solutions and services.

When you select our business services plan, you get premier features and benefits including eSignature as well as access to knowledge libraries. eNotaryLog is revolutionizing the remote online notarization for your business and your customers.

Compliant Data Retention

Assure safe and secure information exchange by guaranteeing consumer-focused, compliant driven data.

Client Convenience

Build relationships and trust by simplifying your business to enhance client convenience.

Secure, Safe and Private

Guarantee security with a MISMO certified platform and SOC 2 compliance.

Elevate Customer Experience

Improve digital documentation experiences with convenience and security.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Inspire peace of mind with a tamper-resistant platform.

Improved Efficiency

Maximize time to build relationships and grow your business.

As an insurance company, you know the importance of having a secure and reliable digital signature platform to ensure that documents are signed and processed quickly and efficiently. With eNotaryLog’s eSignature tool, you can do just that. eNotaryLog is dedicated to providing you with the digital signature solution to take your insurance group to the next level. Connect with us to learn more about how eSignature can benefit insurance partnerships.

What is eSignature?

eSignature is a cloud-based digital signature platform that allows you to quickly and easily sign documents with electronic signatures. By using eSignature, you can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with traditional paper-based signing processes. With eSignature, you can easily sign documents from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

User-Friendly Technology

eNotaryLog has designed an eSignature tool to be easy to use for both the insurer and the insured. You can easily create and customize digital documents, and then send them for signatures with a few clicks of your mouse. You’ll also have access to various security features and tools to ensure that documents are securely signed and stored.

Preserve Legal Compliance

Our platform for digital signature execution is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. This ensures that all documents are legally binding and enforceable once signed. If you need a notary to witness the signing of documents, you can utilize our Remote Online Notary software as well!

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