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eNotarLog's Vault Integrations

Vault Integrations

eNotaryLog’s vault integration transfers and manages documents and eNotes securely. Our integrations ensure that when a transaction is completed it is registered with the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). eNotaryLog’s vault integration, you advance your digital lending technology with confidence.

Title Production Software Integrations

Our turn-key solution unifies multiple connections to integrate your title production system software with 14+ separate title agency systems including Resware, SoftPro, Ramquest, Closer’s Choice, Landtech and more. You seamlessly advance your eClosings to send data and documents.

eNotaryLog's RON Platform - Title Production Software Integration
In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN) Illustration


In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN) creates a digital signature during an in-person signing. A notary and signer(s) are present in the same location while the electronic signature is executed on a device. This enables the notary to view the signer’s identification and perform the traditional notarial process of identity verification just like a wet ink transaction but offers the convenience of electronic signing and document delivery.

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